Sample Screenshots:
Note: These images are the Map representation of the level

Generated using the Simple predefined settings:
  • Only small and normal rooms.
  • Only normal hallways.
  • No dead end removal.


Generated using the Default predefined settings:
  • A little bit of everything blended together.
  • Note: Cavern feature requires the CA algorithm that has not yet been written and so is not in the image.
  • Edit: Cavern feature has now been implemented.
  • No dead ends.
  • Low density

Generated using the Prison predefined settings:
  • Only small rooms except for the guard room.
  • Rooms only accessible from the hallway, no room to room connections.
  • No dead ends.

Generated using the Labyrinth predefined settings:
  • Only wandering halls and regular halls.
  • High density.
  • No dead end removal.

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