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Project Description
This is a release of a library that I am creating for use in a "Roguelike" role playing game that I am writing in C#. I am releasing to the community because I feel that it can be useful to other "Roguelike" RPG developers.

Note: This project has evolved from a simple collection of libraries for random level generation to a full engine. This project is still in it's alpha development phase.
Note: This code is currently in it's alpha development phase, however, much of the code is usable especially the Simple() method with does not rely on any advanced features.

Anyone who would like to help me in this project, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a full time job and a family, so I lack the time to give fully to this project.


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The purpose of this library is simple: Providing a powerful, customizable random level generator. To that end, I am designing this library with a great deal of flexibility in the way it randomly generates the levels.
In addition to this, I have (or will be) included these features into the library:
  • Multiple generator types:
    • Dungeon level type.
    • Cavern level type using the cellular automata (CA) algorithm. (to be written)
    • World terrain type using both CA and midpoint displacement (MD) algorithm. (to be written)
    • City / Town regions. (to be written)
  • Predefined settings for quick generation of levels.
  • Multiple / Plugin Graphic Managers.
    • Handling of the 2D drawing functions for level.
    • Generation and drawing of map.
    • All items list in the next list....
  • Retrieval and modification of tile state which includes:
    • Type of tile (wall, floor, door, etc...)
    • Objects located within the tile.
    • Characters located within the tile.
    • Visibility of tile for player.
    • Knowledge of tile by the player (aspect of fog of war).
    • Scent trail left by player.
    • Sound range made by player / other characters.
    • Many more to be added.
  • Plus, for people needing just a simple generator, and will handle their own graphics and level management, there is a static method for the generators that returns an array of integers that represents the state of each tile location. i.e: 0 for a wall tile, 1 for a floor tile, 2 for a door tile, etc...

More information will be provided once more of the code is developed.

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